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Visitas guiadas al Parque de Somiedo. La experiencia comienza aquí.

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In no man’s Land

7 July, 2019

Photo by Jorge Jáuregui selected by 1X

17 March, 2017

We are in luck, a photo I made last winter in Somiedo, with the collaboration of Sofia, has been published in 1x, one of the most prestigious online galleries in the world. Click the following link to see more 1x – Curated Photography

Guided routes with the intention of sighting the Iberian Wolf

16 March, 2017

The La Casa del Lobo together with the guides of Somiedo Experience have developed a series of routes in the zones most travelled by this majestic animal. We will follow its habitual paths and make attempts at sightings using telescopes.

Depending on the route chosen we will also be able to visit the ruins of an ancient necropolis, stretches of the ancient Camin Real de la Mesa, virtually unknown villages on the tops of mountain ranges that are only used seasonally by herders to shelter and protect their animals, and perhaps if we are lucky a herd of authentic Asturcones , the ancient race of Celtic ponies still raised today in the traditional way. 

To visit these little known places, amidst landscapes of outstanding beauty and ancestral character and feel the presence of the wolf, who is once again an important element, will undoubtedly be a magical experience .An Iberian wolf crosses the snowy landscape. Somiedo Natural Park

Photo: Jorge Jáuregui