Logotipo de Somiedo Experience en blanco y negro con animación de precarga


Visitas guiadas al Parque de Somiedo. La experiencia comienza aquí.

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Visitas guiadas al Parque de Somiedo. La experiencia comienza aquí.

Logotipo Somiedo Experience

Who are We?

Jorge Jáuregui

Biologist specialised in Zoology. Natural Science teacher.


My name is Jorge and I´m a native of Avilés but connected to this place for over three decades. I hold a B.S. degree in Biology and above all I have deep knowledge of Asturian nature, self-taught with the help of my trekking boots and binoculars, focusing my activity almost exclusively on the Somiedo Natural Park over the last eight years. One of my most renowned works is the participation as the co-author (text and photography) of the book “Asturcones” published by Cajastur. After years studying the flora and fauna of this place I will be able to help you find, identify and enjoy the countless species living here.

Sofía G. Berdasco

Outdoor activities instructor.


My name is Sofía and I´m a native of Llamardal, one of the legendary villages of the “vaqueiros de alzada” (“nomadic cowherds” in Asturian language). Together with my family, animals and belongings I practised transhumance when I was a child. My first trips were with my sisters looking after our goats and cows. Now,  as a qualified mountain guide, I´m proud to show you the routes and trails across these mountains, as well as telling you in first person about our culture and traditions and helping you interpret the surrounding landscape.