Directed Bivouac in Somiedo

A night-time experience of mountain, stars and howls

“Can you imagine how it would be to spend a night in the open in the mountains of Somiedo?”

After spending some incredible nights out in the open in the middle of the mountains, Somiedo Experience wants to share this enriching experience with everybody. You will never forget what this adventure feels like in this land of bears.

Sleeping in the open, observing the stars, the nocturnal fauna and the flora of such a wonderful and magical place as Somiedo Natural Park.

We are the only company in Somiedo that offers you the option of sleeping in the mountains. Come with us for the experience of a lifetime!

Directed bivouac

Duration: 1 or 2 nights
Meeting point: Pola de Somiedo. Approximate time of departure 16:30h, depending of the month.
Price: 150 €/person 1 night  250€/person 2 nights (VAT included)

What does this night experience include?

1 night of directed bivouac

3 hour route and 1 night sleeping in the open.

1 local guide

During busy times, several fellow guides will help us.

Interpretative route

We will tell you about the fauna and flora that we come across along the route until we reach the point where we will spend the night outdoors.

Small groups

We will organize groups of between 2 and 6 people so that you can enjoy a more personal and exclusive experience.

Optical Materials

You will have binoculars and spotting scopes for wildlife observation and we will teach you how to handle them.

Equipment for the bivouac

You will have at your disposal: bag, bivouac cover, inflatable mattress, mat, pillow and sheet

Dinner and breakfast in nature

Dinner and breakfast provided there, in wild nature.

Accident insurance


Directed bivouac:

150€ 1 night  250€ 2 nights 12 years and over.
Prices include VAT.

* The departure time (depending on the sunrise or sunset) may vary depending on the season. In Somiedo experience we adapt to the rhythm of the seasons.

How is the activity Bivouac directed?

  • You will enjoy a mountain landscape that will make you fall in love while we talk about the values of the park and about the species of fauna and flora that we will find along the route until we reach the point where we will spend the night.
  • We will teach you to identify the stars and you will learn to look at the sky of Somiedo.
  • We will provide you with optical equipment for astronomical observation and all the material needed for the bivouac.
  • You will live the experience of sleeping in the open in the middle of the mountain, you will enjoy a sunset and a sunrise that you will never forget in all your life.
  • You will experience the sensation of waking up in nature and having breakfast in the heart of the Natural Park.

     Thanks to the activity of directed bivouac in Somiedo, you will get to know the mountain in a different way to how you can visit it by day..

    Curiosities of Somiedo at night

    • The absence of pollution and light pollution throughout Somiedo Natural Park makes this place an ideal location for stargazing
    • Somiedo sounds different at night. The howling of the tawny owls, the wolf howl, which can be heard from km away, and the sound of the rest of the nocturnal fauna that inhabits Somiedo will come out to meet us along the sunset hiking and the directed bivouac.

    Feel the magic of the Asturian mountains (at night). Come and experience it by the hand of Somiedo Experience.

    Customer Experiences

    "A bivouac in the middle of the moor. We can't see them, but we can sense them... night falls in the wolf's territory"

    Testimonial Item

    Edgar Madrenys


    "A great range of activities. Hopefully they will help to conserve the fauna and flora of this dream area."

    Testimonial Item

    Laura Q.


    "No detail was missing for the bivouac, we even had inflatable pillows, dinner and a delicious breakfast."

    Testimonial Item

    Laura H


    Frequently asked questions about the activity

    What is the best time of the year for a bivouac activity in Somiedo?

    Due to mountain weather issues, the ideal is to book your directed bivouac activity in the warmest months of the year. If you have any questions about which time is the best to enjoy this experience in nature, you can ask us or check the route calendar.

    At what time does the directed bivouac activity begin in Somiedo?

    On the day of the directed bivouac activity, we will meet the whole group (between 2 and 6 people maximum) at 4:30 p.m. next to the Pola de Somiedo pharmacy and then we will guide you, each one with our cars (on mountain roads paved), to the starting point of the walking route.

    After spending the whole night outdoors and having breakfast together in the mountains, we will have time for a walk, relax, or simply enjoy the place. We will return to the meeting point (in Pola de Somiedo) arriving there around 2:30 p.m. the next day.

    What do I have to wear on the day of the directed bivouac?

    To get to the Somiedo area where we will carry out the directed bivouac activity, we must cross dirt roads and mountain trails.

    Ideally, that day you should come with comfortable and appropriate clothing and footwear to walk through these areas.

    The high mountain climate is unpredictable, especially at sunrise and sunset, so it is important to always wear warm clothing (until August) to wear after the route (hat, gloves and down jacket).

    We will provide you with the rest of the material for the bivouac (bag, bivouac cover, inflatable mattress, mat, pillow and sheet).

    And we will also take care of dinner that night and breakfast the next day (if you have any type of food allergy or there is a food that you do not like, remember to comment on it when making the reservation).

    Tents are not used to carry out the activity of bivouac.

    How is the payment made?

    You will only have to contact us (via email) to tell us:

    • The type of route or experience you want to live in Somiedo.
    • The date you want to go.
    • And the number of people who want to come (remember that we do small groups of between 2 and 6 people).

    Payment can be made in advance (through a bank transfer) or on the day of the route in Somiedo (by cash) *.

    Supporting the conservation of Somiedo

    Somiedo Experience is a local active tourism company where we are authorised by the Somiedo Natural Park to carry out brown bear watching.

    Sustainability Recognition System for Nature Tourism in the Natural Network 2000